EUROPROODOS EDUCATIONAL GROUP participated in the 3rd transnational meeting in Zalasowa, Poland for the project “Health, solidarity and Social Cohesion with sport” which is partner on 19 & 20 January 2022. It was an amazing experience to meet organisation working actually with the community. The community of Zalasowa welcomed us and hosted with an open heart and open minds. We had the chance to visit stakeholders offices and see how the project outcomes are implemented in a small society. We discussed the work-progress and the activities which until now all the partners have been done. EUROPROODOS presented the results of the national photo contest and the 1st workshop related to the topic of Active and passive sport in daily life which was organised on 11/12/2021 at Korinthos. The new activities are coming, stay tunned! The Health, Solidarity and Social Cohesion with Sport project aims to include distance learning modules based on informal and non formal teaching techniques using sport as a tool that enable people to change their attitudes and behaviours both in personal and public health and to participate in a balanced social and cultural development.


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