SPORT4US Photo Contest About SPORTS

In the context of the ‘Health, Solidarity and Social Cohesion with Sport’ project, the consortium and the respective partner from Greece EUROPROODOS EDUCATIONAL GROUP are organising a photo contest on the subject of SPORTS.

What does Sport mean to you? Immortalize the moment that the concept of sport expresses for you and take part in our competition!

Sport is not only in stadiums and in gyms it is in our daily life, go out in the park, on the beach and send us your photo from your mobile phone or your camera!

The photos that will be published on the page of the event. You can send your photos to !!

The ten (10) photos that will be selected in combination with a number as well as by the program administrators, will write a short description of their photos to enter the international competition of the program.

Within the framework of the international competition of the program, prizes will be given to the first 3 participants!

You send your photos to  !!

The photography competition is organised within the framework  of ERASMUS + Health, Solidarity and Social Cohesion with Sport program with code program 2020-1-TR01-KA204-093342 and the participating countries are from Turkey, Romania, Greece, Spain and Poland

The link for the photo contest is release in our Facebook page: press here

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